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Horizon Marketing - Demand Generation Agency

We scale innovative brands by:

  • Increasing revenue (CRO)
  • Creating demand (Demand generation)
  • Building a culture based on innovation (experimentation)
  • Improving outbound processes (ABM + sales playbooks)

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Your partner in digital development, from strategy to execution

From strategy to creation to execution, we are with you every step of the way.

New digital channels and business development tools are emerging every day. When there are a million possible paths to take, how do you choose the most effective one?

We believe in a holistic approach to growth. Not only do we work on a big-picture growth strategy, but we also use deep channel knowledge.

We build funnels that convert by testing what works. We offer everything our clients need to grow digitally: from strategy to execution. We provide expertise across multiple sectors, allowing us to develop and execute tailored strategies that drive growth.

Benefit from our demand generation process


BUILD YOUR funnel: Rebuild your funnel with us to increase the share of customers with high purchase intent.

TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM: We'll help you improve your team's performance so that it runs like a well-oiled machine, focused on generating sales

CAPTURE THE 1%, ATTRACT THE 99%: Build growth to capture buyers active in the market, while educating the rest to increase market demand.

BUILD DEMAND GROWTH: Make demand generation your competitive advantage. Increase revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs and shorten sales cycles.


If you've visited the website of any of the market leaders, you're probably participating in hundreds of experiments that influence the actions taken by these companies.

Companies are drowning in data and failing to capitalize on it. Because of this, they often lose

Winners use large-scale experiments to revolutionize company growth and decision-making.

Horizon Marketing uses data and experimentation to make business decisions.

Leveraging our systems and processes will help you scale and improve results.

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Get to where you want to go. Faster.

We test, iterate and push the boundaries to continually bring new and proven strategies to your marketing - giving you a competitive edge.

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