Growth through Data & Experimentation


- Increase revenue (CRO)
- Improve customer experience (CXO)
- Build innovation-minded cultures (Experimentation)


We help marketing and product teams build and scale CRO, UX Research, and Experimentation Programs.

They trusted us:

The Experimental Revolution

Our own process of accelerating the demand
  • FUNNEL RESEARCH: We are looking for metrics that really matter to increase marketing's share of the overall sales funnel. Rebuild your model with us to increase the share of customers with high buying intent.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM: We will help you improve the work of your team to run like a well-oiled machine focused on generating sales
  • CAPTURE 1%, ATTRACT 99%: Build a system to capture buyers active in the market while educating the rest to increase market demand.
  • BUILD YOUR DEMAND: Make demand generation your competitive advantage. Increase revenue, lower acquisition costs, and shorten sales cycles.

We live in a world where companies are drowning in data, unable to use it to take action and justify business decisions. Losers get bogged down in data traps or avoid them altogether, making decisions based on hunches or intuition.

Winners apply large-scale experimental processes to revolutionize company development and decision-making.

If you have visited the website of any of the market leaders, you are probably participating in hundreds of experiments that influence the actions taken by these companies.

Horizon Marketing wykorzystuje badania, dane i eksperymenty do potwierdzania decyzji biznesowych, napędzania działań i rozwoju. Wykorzystanie naszych systemów i procesów eksperymentalnych pomoże Ci zwiększyć skalę programu i poprawić wyniki.

Get where you want. Faster. We test, iterate and push the boundaries to constantly introduce new and proven strategies into your marketing - giving you an advantage over the competition.



If you need more traffic, we'll choose a channel that fits your audience (this could be PPC, content marketing or outbound) and iterate with offers at a rapid pace until we attract you cost-effective leads.

Marketing infrastructure

Because we do analytics and attribution, we can help you quickly understand what's working and what's not working in your current marketing systems.

Modern Growth Strategies

Companies will thrive in the Internet age when they abandon the outdated models of the television era. We guide our clients to adopt our Growth methodology - a systematic approach that we build, implement and teach.

Demand Generation

Based on the data, we will create demand for your category so as to lower the barrier to entry at the lower stages of your funnel

We are perfect for you if:

How do we work?

We will start by talking to find out what your challenges are, what you are doing so far and if we are the right agency for you. No hard sale. We promise.

Other agencies focus on delivering "leads" and never check to see if it affects revenue. At Horizon Marketing we look at the overall business to optimize our strategy. We align with your sales funnel and revenue goals and provide you with the strategy and statistics to help you achieve it.

We help build a new demand model focused on potential customers who become customers. With our robust performance analysis, we identify the most important sources of sales and revenue funnels by channel, then build a strategy for attracting more buyers to that system.

We will lead your team along the path to results with a unique combination of consulting, management and execution. We will help you build a long-term, scalable and sustainable work system for your team.

Our multi-channel digital media strategy is the "secret sauce" - using each channel in a unique way that aligns with how B2B buyers discover, research and buy products. With our own methodology, we create a system to capture existing market demand in the channels with high intention and create new demand in the channels at the higher stages of the funnel.

Take our most innovative strategies to your marketing. We've experimented with a wide range of B2B mid-market/SaaS companies - providing expertise for your business that you won't get on your own.