Our Values


Horizon Marketing Polska is one of the first demand generation agencies in Poland addressed to all types of enterprises looking for the best internet marketing solutions

We know how hard it is to put together a creative marketing team of top professionals. 

This is often a problem of location or simply financial resources. Therefore, to meet the needs, we have created such a team available in the form of outsourcing also for you


Working culture


We work fast and we work a lot. These are our core values.




 "Never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, construct a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "

These are the words of one of our founders, illustrating that our goal is to change the agency model currently prevailing in Poland by making it obsolete and creating a completely new one, introducing a completely different quality to the market.



We want to do work we're proud of, for clients we want to be proud of. If we are not proud of something it means we did something wrong. This value is why we are so picky about which clients to choose for us. We ask ourselves if we will be proud to work for this client. Will we be able to get results for him or her that we will be proud of. This value is the final test of whether we want to be part of our potential client's team.

Constant Improvement

"Will this make anyone's life easier?" We ask ourselves this question every day. Will this strategy or recommendation make my client's day better? Will showing his or her website on the first page of Google make the searchers' day better? Will improving the sales process make life easier for the user? There are a lot of these questions, and if even one of them is "no," we keep looking for a better solution until we get it right.


Skupienie nad biznesem jest kluczem do sukcesu. To nic nowego, ale ta wartość ma zasadnicze znaczenie dla sukcesu naszej firmy. Misją Horizon Marketing jest stworzenie modelu, gdzie marketerzy techniczni naprawdę mogą skupić się na robieniu wspaniałych projektów a nie na milionach kierunków lub zmian planów. I to jest to co sprzedajemy naszym klentom: Dostarczamy specjalistę, który koncentruje się na potrzebach, wyzwaniach i sukcesie.


Whether we are in-house, in the community, or with our clients. We have no secrets. We show data that we are proud of. The only time we don't show it is when it could compromise the confidentiality of our employees and customers.


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