Terms of Cooperation

Working in marketing means constant compromises and finding common ground between the two worlds of Business and Online Marketing. However, there are certain rules that we stick to in order to be able to work the best for you

We do not compete with price

Horizon Marketing does not want to compete at the price level. We believe that achieving a certain degree of quality depends on its price. Therefore, we try not to negotiate our prices, however, we have several areas on which the price is conditioned and it may be reduced, it depends on:

- Business stage

- Non-profit activities

- Adjustment of the scope of work

-Discount on long-term contracts


We don't settle for a result

We don't engage in compensation because of the outcome. While this may seem like a great and safe way to approach working with a client, it is based on a lot of distrust when working together long-term.


We realize that doing business with us can bring many unknowns, which is why Horizon Marketing includes a 45-day withdrawal clause in all of our contracts. If our relationship is not what you were hoping for, you can let us know within the first 45 days


We do not tolerate aggressive behavior 

As a Horizon Marketing customer, you can expect our relationship to you to be based on empathy and respect. We expect the same from you.


If anyone on our team feels uncomfortable working with you through aggressive behavior, we will attempt to explain such situations and if the situations continue, we will end the relationship.






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