About us

Horizon Marketing Polska is one of the first demand-generating agencies in Poland specializing in full optimization of user flow through the website. Knowing the industry inside out, we want to introduce a new standard of working with clients, where we watch clients' budgets as our own, because our employees are not accounted for the budget spent. Our cooperation model guarantees you full security, because we only pay for working time!


We are proud of how we work and what team we have managed to build. Thanks to the combination of marketing skills and knowledge of Internet technologies, we have become one of the most effective marketing teams in the country. 

Company history

Hi, my name is Mateusz Baranowski and I am the founder of Horizon Marketing.

Horizon Marketing was founded in February 2016 when I was 24 years old. It was the result of my wandering from large corporations, through media houses and smaller agencies, where the problem was always the same - at some point companies lost quality, and worse, business models forced customers to spend money on the basis of false indicators.

In addition, I saw how the reality was changing and media providers followed the usual patterns. I understood that. I have seen clients become addicted to an agency that, when disconnected from advertising channels, could kill the business instead of helping it become independent of pay channels. I saw the problem of collecting profits from the current market, instead of building the market.

That's why Horizon Marketing was born, because we believe that thanks to increases we are giving more than just zero to a bank account. We are proud when our clients build warehouses and hire new employees to be able to service their ever larger businesses. We are proud when our clients generate their leads from five different diversified channels, because it is safe for them.


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